Contactos / Localização


Zona Industrial do Pau Queimado
Rua da Azinheira - Afonsoeiro
2870-100 Montijo

Telefone / Fax

+351 212 307 800 / +351 212 307 801


Opening Hours

Information Desk

Sunday to Thursday
10:00 - 23:00
Fridays, Saturdays and before Holidays
10:00 - 24:00



Fridays, Saturdays and before Holidays

7:00 – 23:00


9:00 – 20:00

Sunday and Holidays

10:00 – 18:00

Useful Informations

Useful Numbers

Montijo Town Council:
212 327 600
Montijo's Firefighters:
212 310 048
PSP (Police):
212 310 144
GNR (Police):
212 329 640
Montijo's District Hospital:
212 310 046
212 310 025
212 315 613


About the Shopping Center

Since the construction of the second major bridge over the river - the bridge Vasco da Gama - on the occasion of Expo 98, the region south of Lisbon's Tagus saw its population grow markedly. The proximity of the new bridge as well as the excellent infrastructure in terms of road accessibility made the Montijo and localities in the surrounding areas "almost" obligatory passage either regionally or even nationally. Endowed with an extraordinary potential, Montijo is now one of the largest settlements south of the Tagus. And since April 8, 2003 that won a Montijo - even bigger - the size. Inspired in his past that was deeply rural, Forum Montijo based its design on a farm typical of this region. A new concept in relation to regional shopping centers with two specific items of trade: 45.000m2 mall divided into two floors, where there is a hypermarket - Mainland - and an area of about 10.000m2 retail park. Whether one or another area, are served by a parking lot with capacity for 3900 cars.


T+T Design has selected, in co-operation with the local architect Graphos, a rural concept and has based the design on the atmosphere of the traditional farm-like buildings of this region, respecting its strong farming tradition, while giving it an innovative and contemporary feeling. Particular attention has been paid to landscaping and integrating the centre into the surrounding community.


ISO - International Organization for Standardization - is a standards body which develops technical standards used around the world. These standards apply to all types of business and contribute to the development, production and delivery of products and services are in a more efficient, safer and cleaner. Forum Montijo was the first shopping center in Europe to adopt the standard NP EN ISO 14001 which sets the following rules for the establishment of an Environmental Management System. This system allows you to operate the shopping center more environmentally responsible, continuously improving environmental performance and compliance. We count on your cooperation to make the future even better.




Onde estão os telefones públicos?
Os telefones públicos podem se encontrar na Zona da Restauração e estão junto ao átrio da Casa de Banho da restauração e da que se encontra junto ao parque infantil interior.
Onde estão os terminais multibanco? 
Os terminais multibanco encontram-se ao longo dos Pisos 0 e 1. 
Onde são as Casas de Banho?
Tem ao seu dispor quatro conjuntos de Casas de Banho nos dois pisos do Forum Montijo, em cada uma das extremidades dos Pisos 0 e 1 e um conjunto no Piso 0, corredor central. Cada conjunto é composto por: Wc Senhores, Wc Senhoras, Wc Família, Wc Deficientes e Fraldário.
Onde são os perdidos e achados? 
Os perdidos e achados encontram-se no Balcão de Informações, na Praça Central, Piso 0.

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