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Christmas, Christmas, too many dinners are okay. Between invitations to lunch, snack, dinner and going out, it is impossible to refuse three types of people at this time: friends, family and co-workers. With 3 look suggestions from Forum Montijo, there's plenty of time to enjoy.  

Friends, the unpredictable dinner 

There's only one certainty when it comes to Christmas dinner with friends: anything can happen. The possible scenarios range from the craziest dance floor to the most comfortable sofa backrest. That's why it's important to be prepared. Tight trousers, such as the H&M leather model, are suitable for any situation: in two-in-one comfort and class.  

The same for the Pull&Bear ochre coat. On the one hand, it protects from the cold in those minutes of conversation outside the restaurant, on the other hand it's stylish enough to make a big entrance anywhere, from friends' homes to the bar.  

There's no doubt about it, this look has two strong points: Bershka's metallic bodysuit (the comfort and style mix, again) and Zara's leather-heeled ankle boots. The animal print is said to have taken over the Montijo Forum this Christmas.  

Colleagues, the professional dinner 

For Christmas dinner with co-workers, it is safe to follow the mantra "dress for the job you want, not the one you have". No great confusion, of course. It's not necessary to change your personal style or make a radical change. It is rather an opportunity to show potential. 

An H&M lace dress, with long sleeves and a straight cut, can withstand the hustle and bustle of hours and hours of socializing outside the company without the risk of slippage (care, deep necklines and thin straps). What if the night goes on? Rituals' ruby lipstick guarantees 8 hours of intense color. 

Because the cold is always invited at this time, a virgin wool jacket works miracles. Benetton's white model harmonizes the tones. To illuminate the party look, the Parfois pin is the best ally. Even the brightest star in the office will be overshadowed.  

Family, emotional dinner 

December might as well be synonymous with family that nobody noticed. There is no shortage of pretexts for family reunions, either last minute or in advance. Between shopping trips, lunches with the nephews who are travelling, impromptu dinners at their cousins' homes, invitations multiply.  

With a classic Lanidor dress, in a pattern that won't soon go out of fashion, you automatically get into the spirit. By matching a panoply of colours and basic pieces, chess lends itself to variations. An H&M tall collar beige sweater looks wonderful, but it could also be a blue, grey, green... whatever was in the wardrobe. 

To close, a final touch from head to toe. Aldo's Laeollona fringed shoes have the right dose of sobriety and personality that the occasion demands.  In fact, they are a bet for most Christmas dinners. All that's missing is a touch of Christmas, in charge of Zara's red beret. Sometimes it only takes one detail to land in childhood places.  

(The products listed in this article are illustrative of the collections of each brand. The Montijo Forum is not responsible for guaranteeing their availability in stores.) 

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