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The holidays of many may have come to an end, but at Forum Montijo there is always a way to take the beach where we are going. The memories that the good smell of summer evoke live in many products that do more than protect us from the sun's rays.  

It's true that the scent of sunscreen takes us immediately to the seaside, but it's not always practical to use it when we have a city to go around, meetings to attend and the conditioning in the office to remind us of the North Pole's air.

Of the hydration...

Integrate Rio de Janeiro's beaches into your daily hydration routine with the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, available at Sephora. This fast-absorbing body cream counts on the help of cupuaçu butter, coconut oil and açaí for a caramel and pistachio scent worthy of the golden sand.

Nothing beats the hair to curl after bathing in the sea. The Surf Spray of the Take Care of O Boticário line hydrates at the same time that gives that wild air to the wicks that we only get on holidays. After all it is possible all year round.

The Illuminating Bronze, on sale at Quem Said, Berenice?, is a 2-in-1 product that can be applied to the face or body. The name leaves no room for doubt, this 75ml tube illuminates and tans, while keeping the skin hydrated. Ideal to maintain the "sun-kissed" effect all year round.

... to freshness

To take the freshness of the first dive in the year always in the wallet, the solution invented by Kiko comes in 30ml. Green Me Hydrating Face Mist is a face spray with hydrating and refreshing action based on mineral salts and caffeine.

In order not to be left unattended in a hair thread after diving, Jean Louis David Sun Therapy spray works on three fronts - disentangle, protect and repair. Prove to your co-workers that it is possible to have healthy hair on the first as on the last day of summer.

The Calvin Klein line for hot days is already a classic of perfumery. CK One Summer, available at Douglas, has a fruity citrus aroma that takes us back to a sunset at the beach bar. The fact that it has notes ranging from lime mojito to guava and cedar wood only helps the cause of holidaymakers.


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