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The secret to a productive day in the sales is to have a well-defined plan, in order to make the most of each purchase. More planning means fewer regrets.  

At Forum Montijo, sales last until mid-February, so there's plenty of time to devise the best strategy and fulfil it without giving in to the impulses of the moment. By being conscientious in shopping, we were able to please the wardrobe without offending the wallet. 

1 The importance of lists 

"Know thyself." This maxim of self-knowledge programs fits like a glove into the sales approach. Now, if planning is the key to success in almost everything, shopping is undoubtedly included as well.  

In order for the investment in promotions to be profitable, it is necessary to know backwards the contents of the wardrobes and dressers at home. Making an inventory (list included) of clothes and accessories, helps you to understand which are the items we need most and those we already have in sufficient quantity.   

Thus, when we find a bombastic promotion, we already have information to decide without thinking twice: "these striped shirts are very cheap, but I already have three at home".  

In 2019, responsible consumption was at the top of many new year's resolutions. If that is the case, the planning is for us to get ready to 'unlock' even before we get rid of articles. Just make sure that each new piece has a purpose.   

2. Parts made to last 

Once we have a list, preferably on paper, of everything that lives in wardrobes and shoe racks, it becomes easier to identify the items that need to be replaced. That's where we should start.  

It is not uncommon for us to ignore basic items during sales to the detriment of more trendy ones, driven by price enthusiasm. However, the promotions are perfect for buying classic models, those that we can use for a long time and in several seasons.  

The quality of the materials and the cuts of the pieces should be the focus in the search for timeless pieces. For example, a simple blouse, which you can combine with accessories according to the occasion, or neutral pants that fit most looks. 

3. A little space for trends 

The truth is that spending a day on the sale just looking for basic pieces and neutral tones can be a bit boring. With so many colours, materials and models that have just come out of fashion weeks, it's easy to fall in love with one or two statement pieces.   

Well, nothing prevents us from giving in to trends, as long as our eyes are on the target. The trick is to think again about the clothes we have at home. If a latest fashion piece looks good with a set from next season, why not buy it? After all, because it serves to update other older pieces.  

By studying well the sets with which we will combine purchases, we significantly reduce the risk of regretting the purchases. Nobody likes to have tagged items hanging because they don't have anything to match.  

4. Bags and shoes, an investment 

Suitcases, shoes and investment: is everything in the same sentence not a contradiction? Not at all. The sales are a golden opportunity to buy quality bags and shoes, as long as there is no lack of control (the complicated part, we well know).  

A good suitcase has everything to be the ultimate timeless piece: robust, elegant, practical. If during the rest of the year, prices may even be above budget, during the promotions there are plenty of finds in models made to last. 

In this the shoes are no different. After all, shoes want to be comfortable and durable. To avoid madness, the best thing is to bet on shades that are nothing more than fashionable, such as black, beige, dark blue or gray. Just do the math: the more often you can wear your shoes, the more justifiable the investment was.  

5. Out of season is not out of the question 

Of course, winter sales happen... in winter. However, it is common knowledge that cold days are followed by spring, soon followed by hot summer. At first glance, it may seem strange to buy a swimsuit, when we don't even dare to take off our gloves, but we do know that the temperatures will eventually rise.   

When preparing for the sale, the ideal is also to go to the place where we keep the clothes next season. Who knows, we might find the dream sandals for a summer sunset in the middle of January? Open horizons go a long way in the sales of Forum Montijo.  

6. The gift cards are to use 

The first balances of the year are used by many customers to use the Forum Gift Cards received at Christmas. If in December the COF did the wonders of many exchanges of gifts, in January and February is to see them back downtown.  

Are there any unspent COFs out there? The last tip is a reminder: many of the member stores are with promotions until February... Good shopping!


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