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This time of year is known to leave some parents in distress for whom the month of August passes too quickly, sometimes even to order school books.  Thinking of them, at Forum Montijo we created a shopping guide for a return to school in three acts: the obvious, the basic and the optional. You can relax.


The obvious 

For parents who send their offspring to school for the first time or for those for whom the routine of going back to school is no longer a secret, there are purchases that are so obvious that everyone remembers. We are, of course, talking about school materials and books. 

At Tiger you'll find everything you need to put in your kids' backpacks from the first day of school: notebooks, files, leaves, coloured pencils, pens, cases and even your own backpack. Always with patterns that promise to make the classes more colorful.   

As for books - and here we recall that although textbooks are the most important, it is always good to start the year also with new readings for free time, the Fnac is an essential point of passage. From exercise books to comic books, the booksellers help. 

The basics 

As a rule, this question only falls at the feet of parents when classes are in progress: the sweatpants! That's right, they don't seem to fit anymore during the summer or they're more worn than you remember. Check out the wardrobe, if you need to renew this basic piece take a leap to Mayoral or Zippy. Make sure you don't go looking for tracksuits at the same time as most other parents. 

The sneakers and the backpack could be on the obvious shopping list, but it could be the case that last year's sneakers still fit. If not already, you can find sneakers for sports or everyday use at Sportzone. School backpacks out of the box for young teenagers? Try JD Sports or Extreme. 

The optional 

Have you thought about what the meals are gonna be like this school year? Do kids have lunch at home or at school? Do they eat in the canteen or do they bring food from home? Even if the lunch plans are different, there are always days when they will need a lunch box, for example study visits. The Gato Preto store and Natura have several options for marmites and boxes, more or less colorful, that adapt to kids and adults. 

Parents of curious children who feel that the transition from summer to class will be a challenge for creative minds at home can visit Science4you. Bet on educational games for a less bumpy start to classes. 

Do you have everything you need? It's time to reward the kids for their shopping day at Forum Montijo and stop by LlaoLlao for a sweet moment.  Let them choose their favourite toppings for frozen yogurt. It may be your job, but they're the ones who'll be back in class - they deserve a treat.


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