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Nobody is immune to the magic of the street markets. So let's bring some of that spirit to our Round Square. From the 29th to the 31st of March, we brought together small national creators, from those who are great discoveries in the Forum Montijo Market.

In this 1st edition, Forum Montijo's Mercadinho receives 17 stalls, with products ranging from homemade jams to modern handicrafts. In the middle, there is space for jewelery, clothing and original accessories, always created in Portugal.

In the list of participants in March are already confirmed: ISKA, Wish a bean, IT recycling by Inês van den Toorn, Laboratory of Stories, ARCHIVO, Margarida Reduto, Yogurtnest, Woodmood, By Luis Nogueira, Ambar, Francisco Braga da Cruz, Soul, Dona Goretti - Conservas, Penha Monte, Inês Costa, Ana Calheiros.

From the hands of these creators, habitual attendances, for example, in the Campo Pequeno and Príncipe Real markets, gifts out of the box for kids and adults.

There is no way to go to discovery, from stand to stand, talking to the creators. Maybe we did not find a treat with our face. Whether it's a treat, a T-shirt, or a piece to the house, everyone will find out.

Come and live a new experience in the Forum Montijo Market. Little creators, great discoveries!


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