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Looking for ideas for Halloween? At Forum Montijo, you'll find a number of options in the spirit of the day that don't scare the wallet. From full masks to the details of a casual look, Halloween is to be lived without fear. Mirror of mine, mirror of mine If you're not part of a group of adults for whom Halloween is synonymous with spider webs, fake blood and wigs, opt for a look with subtle clues, like the Snow White T-shirt on sale at Pull&Bear. It is said that the original version of this fairy tale is much darker than the Disney adaptation, which in itself is scary enough. Complete the look with Zara's stringed leggings and a Stradivarius chess blazer for that extra touch of too cool a rock star. The straight cut of the jacket will play for the width of the T-shirt, trust me. The intensity of this set, which works for both day and night, depends on you. Pass Douglas and bet on shiny nails with La Petite Robe Noire varnish from Guerlain. Remember: the devil lives in the details. On Halloween it's even more true. Please do not feed The Gremlins are the endiabrate protagonists of one of the main horror films of the 1980s, produced by the suspenseful man himself: Steven Spielberg. Who doesn't remember the three rules, apparently simple, that the owners of adorable Mogwais had to follow? No water, no sunlight, and even less food after midnight. Otherwise... trouble. This Halloween, pay homage to this classic with an H&M Gremlins T-shirt. It's a subtle clue, on sale at Forum Montijo, to mark the day when terror and partying come together. For added impact, add a white-stitching Stradivarius miniskirt and a Seaside combat-style boot to this look. The cherry on top of the cake? A leather Bershka cap. Who are you, Pierrô? In Commedia dell'Arte style, H&M has introduced a Pierro suit into its special Halloween collection. In practice it is a checkered bodysuit, full of details, which can be combined with black tights or stockings from Calzedonia, for example. Back to the importance of details: at H&M there is also available a headband with a pierced hat application for your character to come to life in the night of the undead. Note that, of the three suggested visuals, this is possibly the one that demands more makeup work. Reinforce the stock of black pencils and dramatic rhymes and store everything in Kiko Milano's Dark Treasure pouch. Fearlessly wear the Halloween sweater with the Forum Montijo shopping centre. Scares are optional. (The products listed in this article are illustrative of the collections of each brand. Forum Montijo is not responsible for guaranteeing the availability of these products in shops.)


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