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About the shopping centre

Inaugurated on April 8, 2003, Forum Montijo reinforced retail in one of the largest population areas south of the Tejo.

As an innovative space, Forum Montijo comprises two elements: a shopping centre area of 45,000m2, divided into two floors; and a Retail Park area of around 10,000m2.

With good access, parking for 3900 cars and a varied offer - from fashion, to restaurants, to well-being and entertainment - Forum Montijo is a shopping centre where everyone can find "time to have time".


In cooperation with the local architecture office Graphos, T+T Design based the concept for Forum Montijo on the rural nature of the region, and the buildings were designed to evoke the typical farm type of this area, adding an innovative and contemporary touch. Special attention was also paid to the landscape and the suitability of the centre in the surrounding community.


Forum Montijo was the first shopping centre in Europe to adopt the NP EN ISO 14001 standard for the Environmental Management System. Every day, the centre strives to be environmentally responsible, improving performance, managing resources and implementing the legislation in force. Thinking of the planet, Forum Montijo has a special parking lot for hybrid vehicles and several Watt Drive points for free charging of electric vehicles. Together we do more for the environment.
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